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A History Of Earthquakes In The Coachella Valley

A short list of major earthquakes that shook the Coachella Valley:

San Jacinto Fault quakes (1899, 1918). The fault line west of the valley is one of the most active in the area. In 1899, it created a 6.7-magnitude quake, and, in 1918, it created a 6.8-magnitude quake. Imperial Valley quake (May 19, 1940). A 6.7-magnitude quake caused damage in the Brawley and El Centro areas. North Palm Springs quake (July 8, 1986). A 6.1-magnitude quake was centered in North Palm Springs. It damaged several homes and a bridge in the area. No major injuries reported. Joshua Tree quake (April 22, 1992). A 6.1-magnitude quake was centered in Joshua Tree National Park just east of Desert Hot Springs. The quake also interrupted a live program at KESQ-TV. The quake caused substantial damage to Palm Springs Fire station 433, where scars of the shaker still can be seen. Landers quake (June 28, 1992). The Landers quake was the most damaging quake in local history. Just before 5 AM that morning, a 7.3-magnitude quake shook the High Desert. Later that same day, a 6.7-magnitude aftershock shook the area. It was centered in Big Bear. In the end, the quakes caused $92 million in damage and three people were killed, including one child who was crushed by a fallen chimney. Hector Mine quake (1999). The Hector Mine quake which was centered northeast of the Coachella Valley was measured at a 7.1-magnitude but it did little damage in the valley.

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