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Part 18: Audio Tape Implicates Current DHS Officer With Sex Crime

In previous parts of NewsChannel 3’s investigation of the Desert Hot Springs police department, testimony and documents have been uncovered implicating former officers of alleged sex crimes.

According to documents, an investigation uncovered former officer Jacques Million’s intimate encounter with a 14-year-old girl. It was later discovered that despite the incident, Million was allowed to quit the force rather than face a criminal charges.

Now, an audio tape obtained by NewsChannel 3 has uncovered another incident involving a teenage girl. This time a current officer on the force is at the center of the allegations.

NewsChannel 3 handed over copies of the audio tape, which appears to implicate the officer with statutory rape and bribery, to Desert Hot Springs police chief Patrick Williams.

A conversation is on the tape with the teen involved talking about her sexual encounters with the officer.

Here’s a partial transcript of the tape (parts of the copy are still unintelligible):

Q: You did it on the tennis court, did you?

A: F*** no. Last time I had sex on a tennis court the cops tried to [unintelligible].

Q: It’s kinda rough, but it’s better than a patrol car, huh?

A: Yeah, I know. I got caught [unintelligible] on a tennis court.

Q: Better than a patrol car?

A: Well, yeah.

Later in the tape, the teen talks about receiving money from the officer.

Q: Is that why you’re hurting for money now? Because he’s on vacation?

A: No, I can’t even remember the last time I got money from him.

Q: So he already has? Whenever that was. So you’ve only used that house for sex once?

NewsChannel 3 is withholding the identity of the accused officer at this time.

Sources close to an FBI investigation say that the original audio recording was forwarded to local agents.

In the meantime, police chief Williams may soon decide whether to launch an administrative investigation into his own department.

KESQ News Team


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