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Coachella Valley, Ca….Your pets, just like children are at greater risk of death or injury from preventable accidents than any other reason. Taking the correct and proper actions can significantly increase the chances of survival and reduce the extent of injury to your pet, before transporting them to your veterinarian. Kim Sherman and Melinda Law of PRECIOUS-N-PURRFECT PAMPERED PETS are now offering Pet Tech’s pet first aid and care classes for pet owners: PetSaver, First Aid & Care for Your Pets, Dental Care for Your Pets, and Caring for Your Senior Pet-izen are the classes available. “An important part of being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet owner is knowing the life saving skills of pet first aid and care,” stated Kim and Melinda.

Kim and Melinda have successfully completed the Pet Tech Instructor program in late October and are qualified to teach the Pet Tech family of programs. The four hour First Aid & Care for Your Pets class includes the skills and information necessary to prepare the pet owner in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency involving their pet. Some of the topics highlighted in the class include: CPR, Rescue Breathing, Shock Management, Bleeding, Injury Assessment, Heat/Cold Injuries and pet care.

“Doggie” and “Kitty” breath is not normal and is usually a sign of poor oral hygiene that should be addressed promptly. Dental Care for Your Pets teaches pet owners the many aspects of caring for their pet’s teeth. Pet owners will learn how to properly brush their pet’s teeth, choose safe toys and healthy food snacks and work with their veterinarian to assure good dental health.

On the average, pets (dogs and cats) seven years and older are considered senior “pet-izens” and are at risk for age-related health problems. In Pet Tech’s Caring for Your Senior “Pet-izen” class pet owners will learn the risk factors associated with older pets, proper exercise plans, diet and nutritional choices, and the things they should be doing for senior pet-izens and the things they should not be doing for pets in their golden years.

For more information or to sign-up for one of our classes, call Kim Sherman or Melinda Law at (760) 202-8939.

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