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PART 26: Relative Of Murder-Suicide Victims: ‘Official Report Is Flawed’

The family of the victims in the 2005 McGowan murder-suicide is now speaking out, as theFBI investigation into the Riverside County District Attorneys office continues.

She says the District Attorney’s Office lied to them about the causes behind the tragedy that claimed six lives.

We want to warn you, some of the descriptions are graphic.

A 911 call came in on the morning of May 10, 2005. The dispatcher said, “911 state your emergency.”

A gunshot is heard, and the phone is heard to be dropped to the floor.

This is how it ended for the McGowan family, all apparently at the hands ofDA Investigator David McGowan.

Karen McGowan and children Paige, Chase and Rayne, lived in the Garner Valley house with their grandmother Angie.

While Sheriff’s deputies scrutinized the mountain home where the murder-suicide happened, the District Attorneys office was quick to state McGowan was not facing unusual stress at work.

But Karen’s sister Kelly said she knows otherwise.

“I don’t trust the veracity of those in charge of coming to the conclusion and telling us what happened. I don’t trust, I’ve been lied to point blank. I don’t trust…”

Luis Bolanos is McGowan’s former partner who says his bosses told McGowan to lie on a major investigative report. McGowan then went to the FBI. The 20 year veteran cleared his work desk days before the murder-suicide.

“There’s a group of individuals from the DA’s office, from ex-Chief Clay Hodson, ex-Assistant Chief Rick Nelson, ex Supervising Investigator Jim Baine, that’s what they have in common, they all lied. They lied through their teeth. And, they lied to protect themselves,” said Bolanos.

Kelly describes inconstencies in the official report that led them to believe the District Attorney’s office is lying about something:

“We were told absolutely no one in that home knew what was coming. The police officer told us unequivocally Angie was awake and saw it coming. The paramedic told me same thing there. I know that becauseI viewed the crime scene photographs. So we were told, number one, no one had any idea that’s what’s coming. Well we now know Angie did.”

Kelly Terracciano adds, “We were told there was no suicide note. There was a missing hand written letter thatI haven’t seen, I don’t know about, wasn’t shared with me, however the paramedic is saying it was there.”

Sheriff Bob Doyle annouced a presumed suicide note with lyrics to a Los Lonely Boys song had been prominantly placed near david’s compute. But first responders told Kelly the lyrics were buried in a pile of papers. Karen McGowan was also an avid guitar player.

Terracciano states, “I was also struck by the amount of blood that was supposedly tracked through that home on one bloody sock. I was also very shocked by the fact that gravity was defied by the bleedout of Paige. She was shot in the head. Gravity would have dictated that the blood would have flowed to the carpet and the opposite direction of her hip which is where David within seconds of shooting Paige, stepped up with one shot, one foot to shoot Rayne, back down, blood-soaked sock to walk through that house, check on every other body, run up those stairs and lose the trail on the way back down. This is inconceivable to me.”

The District Attorney’s office has withheld comment, stating they are fully cooperating with the FBI’s investigation.

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