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Teacher Of The Month Awarded

By: Elyse Webb

For most fifth graders recess is the best part of the school day, but for Mr. Macro’s class, learning is just as fun.

Michael Macro’s students say they look forward to school everyday. That’s why they decided to nominate Mr. Macro for KESQ’s Golden Apple Award.

Some students say theyused to struggle in certain subjects, but with the help and encouragement from their favorite teacher, thats no longer the case.

The children’s enthusiasm for learning is what made Macro want to become a teacher. He says that fifth grade is one of the most influential years for young children, shaping the type of student and person they will be in the future.

” I thought at such a critical point in their lives, I need to step in and be a positive male role model to help guide them to make the right choices” says Macro.

KESQ News Team


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