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Whether you are a Home Owner or own a Business we all run across the same problem.

From GARAGES – PATIOS – SHOWROOMS – FITNESS ROOMS to AIRCRAFT HANGERS and other WORK AREAS, SWISSSTRAX, THE next generation of Garage Flooring, has the answer.

Swisstrax is Durable, Non-slip, Non-Staining, Easy to Clean and is backed by a 12 YEAR WARRANTY! Swisstrax offers every Home Owner and Business THE ALL AROUND SOLUTION and get this, if you move, you can take it with you. Retain your investment for your next home or place of business.

Renowned for their Swiss Quality and Precision, Swisstrax is now being produced with the same quality and precision in California.

Any existing solid floor surface such as concrete wood or even grass can be covered with Swisstrax. Some popular applications include Garage Floors, Patios, Showrooms, Car Dealerships, Aircraft Hangers, Racing Pits and Hospitality Areas.

All Swisstrax products come with our exclusive snap-together design and 3 styles and up to 14 colors.

Diamondtrax is a closed surface tile with the design simulating diamond plate and is great for almost any Residential, Commercial and Industrial environment.

Ribtrax is an open profile tile and can be used in many areas such as Patios, Car Wash waiting areas, and of course garages. Any dust & dirt will slip down below the surface and you only need to shop vac the floor every few months or as needed. Ribtrax offers excellent drainage in wet environment. Snow & Ice just melt down below the surface.Swisstrax can be installed in any weather condition and requires very little surface preparation by sweeping or washing it down with water. Swisstrax floors can be installed over almost any solid surface even if the surface is cracked, chipped or uneven.

Start off by measuring the floor surface to be covered then click on our FLOOR DESIGNER to calculate the number of tiles and edges required. The floor designer will also allow you to play with different colors and design patterns.

Where moisture is not present you can use our Swisstrax Underlay to soften the floor and reduce noise.

When you are ready to lay the floor start in the back left hand corner of the room and build out towards the Garage Door. Staying flush with the left hand wall you will lay 3-4 rows towards the entrance and 2-3 rows to the back. This will square off the floor. Once you have built up to the Garage Door snap on the edges or (ramps) and pull the floor up to the inside of the Garage Door taking care not to go fully under the door as this may effect the Doors Sensors. You should now fill in and cut the tiles, if necessary , at the back of the Garage. You continue from left to right and back to front. Once you arrive at the opposite side of the room you will then cut in the rest of the tiles.

All Swisstrax tiles can be cut with the use of a hand or table saw.

Swisstrax floors float over the subsurface just as with any laminate floors and will expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures and sunlight. It is therefore important to leave a gap of at least 1/2″ on all sides and around any beams, cabinets or any other obstacle.

On average it takes around 1 hour per 100 sq. ft. to install the flooring tiles depending on the number of cuts this can be quicker or may take a bit longer.

Your Swisstrax floor is resistant to most Automotive Chemicals and Household Cleaners. Easy to clean means you only need to hose it out, sweep or dust mop it or in the case of Ribtrax Shop Vac over it. In short, you will treat our surface just as you would your normal solid floor surface.

If you happen to damage 1 or more tiles just use a slotted screwdriver and poke it into one of the corners and pop out the damaged tile and pop in a new one. Swisstrax tiles are not easily damaged but in case this happens you have an easy and cost effective way to repair the damage. Try this on a painted or epoxy floor surface.

We trust you now understand why we say Swisstrax is THE Next Generation of Garage Flooring and is, in our opinion, the best floor of its kind on the market today.

We have carried on the SWISS Tradition of Quality and Precision made parts here in the USA.

KESQ News Team


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