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Part 29: Grand Jury Investigation Targets DA’s Office

There are new developments in the FBI investigation of the Riverside County District Attorney’s office.

The US Attorney’s Office announced it will not criminally prosecute investigators in the DA’s office for alleged federal civil rights violations.

But News Channel 3 has uncovered that the DA’s office has been the target of a grand jury investigation brought on by an investigator inside the county public defender’s office.

There’s now a potentially dangerous split between the two sides of local law enforcement.

The letter obtained by News Channel 3 shows how investigators inside the Riverside County Public Defender’s office convened a grand jury investigation against the District Attorney’s office.

They claimed the DA’s office placed pressure to lie on criminal reports.

The Grand Jury case is listed as complaint number 05-06-019 with Evelyn MacConnell as its foreperson.

Grand juries usually have a set term of one year. But the letter shows the grand jury uncovered so much, they took the unusual step of extending their term for another year.

The FBI began a similar investigation at around the same time. Part of their focus was on former DA investigator Luis Bolanos.

He was arrested in 2005, accused of beating his wife and lying under oath.

A judge declared Bolanos “factually innocent” after discovering the DA’s office made an “incomplete investigation.”

Bolanos was hoping to see his accusers in the DA’s office face criminal punishment.

But the US Attorney’s office announced there was not enough evidence to prosecute on civil rights statutes.

“It means they don’t have enough evidence at this time, said Bolanos. “In no way, shape or form exonerates the District Attorney’s Office, specifically Investigator Candette Hammond, from committing civil rights violations. Did she? Absolutely she did.”

New Chief DA Investigator Victor Greene has not responded to questions from News Channel 3. Round one of the FBI investigation closed with a victory for the DA’s office. Yet since last April, a 29-part News Channel 3 investigation has revealed FBI agents are looking into the murder-suicide of former DA Investigator David McGowan. The Desert Hot Springs Police Department is also a major focus for their agents.

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