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Oprah’s Big Give: Palm Springs

Oprah’s Big Give is reaching out to the Coachella Valley and News Channel 3.

Oprah is pledging $10,000 to Iraq Star, a local non-profit group that helps badly injured vets get the treatment they need.

But Iraq Star also needs your help. Join Oprah and donate whatever you can to help the men and women who risked their lives for our country.

To donate go to, or call 760-568-4039.

Keep watching News Channel 3 in March to find out more about Oprah’s Big Give: Palm Springs.

The valley made the “big give” at Mathis Brothers Furniture March 26 in Indio with public donations totaling $4,000. On March 27, the valley poured there support to Iraq Star again with $7,000 donations, making it a two-day total of $11,000.

This all began with a $10,000 donation from Oprah’s Big Give. Mathis Brothers promised to match viewer’s donations up to $10,000. And developer Roger Snellenberger is following suit.

So far, $41,000 in total donations were raised for our troops.

News Channel 3 would like to thank you, the Coachella Valley, in taking part in the Big Give.

Soldiers return from Iraq injured and disfigured, and they don’t always get the help they need. Iraq Star works with returning vets who need extra help teaming up with surgeons and hospitals. Iraq Star helps disfigured soldiers get their lives back to normal. Your generous donation will go a long way to help these men who risked their lives for our country.

KESQ News Team


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