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Drug Officers Seized Over 1000 Marijuana Plants In 2 Days

Coachella Valley Drug Task Force officers were led to a big find Thursday when they recovered over 700 marijuana plants.

It comes a day after they found almost 300 plants in the same area.

The land owner gave officers the initial tip Wednesday.

He told them some of his farm workers stumbled across the marijuana plants early that day.

They found 3 small marijuana gardens there.

Then Thursday a news crew covering the initial disocovery stumbled on another patch of marijuana and informed police.

Deputies say the area is a perfect spot to hide the drugs.

“You can’t drive by and it’s not obvious to anyone that it’s going on in there so it’s quite secluded where it’s at,” says Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Officers spent the afternoon counting them: 748 all together.

They’ve seized over 1000 plants in only two days, potentially keeping thousands of dollars in drugs off the street.

So far police have no suspects, but they think the two gardens were being grown by the same people because of how close they are and the way they’re watered.

“The way they’re keeping their irragation is through some hoses some of them go underground and yesterday, we found the 3 site,” said Deputy Valenzuela. “Well today we found that this is also watered by the same type of water source.”

Their investigation is ongoing.

Officers will destroy what they seized by either burning or burying the plants.

KESQ News Team


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