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Indio Cleans Up ‘Obama Confetti’ After Coachella Concert

The big Coachella clean-up is underway after a promotional stunt by the closing act, Rodger Waters.

A plane flying over the event tried dropping Barack Obama confetti on the crowd.

Instead it blew into dozens of nearby neighborhoods and businesses.

Now they have to deal with the clean-up.

Some neighbors have started picking up the confetti on their own, but others are waiting on the city to help clean-up from a stunt that might have been intentional.

Richard McDowell watched the show from his front yard when he and his family saw something weird, a low flying plane dropping something out the back.

“We thought at first it was a bubble, we thought maybe the plane was going down we just didn’t know what was happening,” said McDowell.

What it was, a cloud of white confetti bearing the message vote Obama.

A 2-mile area just northwest of the concert was sprinkled.

It dusted the front lawns of neighborhoods and gutters of nearby businesses.

Some residents needed to fish the papers out of their pools because they were getting in their pool filters.

McDowell has cleaned-up most of the confetti.

Some neighbors are waiting for some help.

The city and concert organizers have started working on a clean-up plan and some wonder if the stunt was really an accident.

“When it reaches a scope of a two-mile radius north of the venue it’s kinda concerning how much of it was an accident,” said Indio Police Department spokesman Ben Guitron. “That’s something we’re gonna look into.”

Obama is still locked into battle with rival Hilary Clinton for the democratic presidential nomination.

And after this stunt the Illinois Senator might have to wait till pigs fly before he gets these neighbors votes.

“Well he’s certainly not gonna get any votes from this neighborhood,” says Indio resident Jan Eischen.

Indio police are still trying to get a hold of Roger Water’s people.

Meanwhile, crews should begin helping with clean-up starting tomorrow morning.

Indio police encourage anyone who needs help cleaning up the confetti to call their code enforcement office at 391-4123.

KESQ News Team


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