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Indio Gas Station Tops $4 A Gallon For Regular Unleaded

Gas prices are on the rise again and around the valley we’ve hit another milestone, $4 gas.

The Indio Truck Stop gas station sells a gallon of regular unleaded for $4.06 a gallon.

The truck stop is following in the footsteps of the other gas stations throughout the country that have topped the $4 mark.

And experts say more are on the way.

Especially as crude oil costs reach new highs every few days.

Monday a barrel reached as high as 120 dollars.

Some drivers like Mitch Bejarano try to stay optimistic.

“It’s not like it’s gonna go any higher than that. They’re gonna bring it down,” Bejarano said Monday. “They’re gonna have to, so people can live and the way everything is going is just terrible.”

But time is running out before prices rise again.

All three Presidential candidates have weighed in on a proposed vacation from a federal gas tax.

Senators Clinton and McCain support eliminating the tax to help deal with the rise for the summer driving season.

Senator Obama says it’s just a pipe dream.

“If we’re gonna to deal seriously with gas prices we’re not going to pretend to do something by offering a tax holiday that would at best provide 30 cents a day for three months for a grand total of 28 dollars,” says the Illinois Senator.

In his Monday appearance on Good Morning America, President Bush says finding ways to lower gas is a challenge.

“The price of gas is like a tax on the working people. We’ll analyze some of these suggestions, the key is that we think long term for America, diversify away from oil,” the President said. “We’ll be wise if we build new refineries and increase supply for american consumers.”

And that’s just what some drivers are hoping for.

But until then drivers will have to wait and watch the costs keep rising.

KESQ News Team


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