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Palm Desert Deputy The Only Woman Motorcycle Officer In County

A big honor goes to a Palm Desert deputy.

She’s new to the force but is doing something only one other deputy has done before.

“I think they kinda do a double take when they hear me running people on the radio,” says Deputy Courtney Donowho.

Deputy Donowho owns a distinct honor.

She’s currently the only woman motorcycle deputy in Riverside County.

And only the second woman rider in the history of the sheriff’s department.

She has plenty of support from her fellow officers.

“They’ve been really encouraging and really supportive to me,” Donowho says. “It takes a lot of training and they stuck by me through everything and I’m really proud to be part of the team.”

It takes about three months to become a motorcycle deputy, and it’s not easy.

Deputies must take a written exam, ride on a test course and finally ride with a full time motorcycle deputy.

While she’s only been on the beat for 6 weeks, Deputy Donowho has a passion for motorcycles that started with her father.

“I used to ride on the back of my dads motorcycle when i was a kid,” says Deputy Donowho. “So I always loved it and when I got older I just thought i missed it, so i learned how to ride.”

Deuty Donowho says the best part of the day is getting out on her bike and riding.

But surprisingly she never grew up wanting to be a deputy.

“I knew I wanted a career where I could be active and see different things and never had the same day twice so this just kinda made sense, says Deputy Donowho. “And once I was here I decided I should combine my love of motorcycles and my career in law enforcement. It’s been perfect.”

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