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DVD Aims To Help Curb Stranger Danger

Safety is on the top of parents minds.

Now Assemblyman John Benoit is re-introducing his safety film Safe Escape.

Benoit, a former California Highway Patrol Officer, teamed up with other law enforcement agents to create the film.

The movie shows a number of ways to keep your kids safe from stranger danger.

Examples include running the opposite direction of a car whose driver attempts to lure a child closer.

Matt Talley usually picks up his son and nephew from Ronald Regan Elementary School.

Like most parents, Talley worries about his son being approached by a stranger.

“Not talking to strangers and not going with them if they ask you to go somewhere and that kinda stuff because it is pretty scary,” says Talley.

Benoit’s office has issued the film before.

And valley agencies are catching on.

Desert Sands Unified School District has received copies of safe escape.

Beumont Police Department is also interested in the film.

Parents we spoke say the movie can re-enforce what they’re teaching their kids.

“Sometimes when they see it coming from the police or somebody else, an authoritative figure, they’ll be like, ‘wow, this is really serious.,'” says Talley.

“I think reenforcement is very important because we tend to forget and feel more and more comfortable,” says parent Jade Dedard.

“I feel it would help out plus with the school telling them the same thing i think it does along way,” says Ricky Salas, whose 2 daughters attend Ronald Regan Elementary.

The video is free.

To request a copy, call Assemblyman Benoit’s office at 760 674 0164.

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