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State Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguements In Palm Desert

Students from around the valley got a taste of the court room today.

The California State Supreme Court heard arguments today at the Indian Wells Theatre.

It part of a two day visit to the desert.

Students from high schools valley-wide sat and watched real cases from across the state.

Matthew Wright is on Indio High School’s mock trial team.

Watching real attorneys and judges at the state’s highest level inspired him.

“I’m understanding how they’re going to be interupting me. So I’m gonna know what that’s gonna be like to answer questions, to be on my feet, to be able to know my stuff and be able to come back and give my response,” says Wright.

Some students got a chance to question the judges.

“There’s a light shinning on you when you got to the podium,” says Ivette Lopez, who asked the State Supreme Court about the death penelty. “I was kinda nervious being up there,” says Lopez.

For the next day and a half, State Supreme judges will decide on a number of court cases, both civil and criminal, from election disputes to a death penalty appeal.

“they really tried to pick cases that would be of interest. They’re certainly all important cases, important to california and both parties, but that would be of especial interest to the students,” says John Miller, Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeals.

One case, The People vs. Roger Mentch, dealt with who classifies as a primary caregiver under the state’s medical marijuana law.

Justices will hear a total of 8 oral arguments, but decisions will have to wait.

KESQ News Team


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