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News Channel 3 HD Special Shake Out Coverage

News Channel 3 HD has wall-to-wall coverage of the Great Southern California Shake Out beginning Monday, Nov. 10. From surviving on an earthquake kit to dealing with the hours after the big one, News Channel 3 will bring you every aspect of this week’s ShakeOut event.

Mon. – Wed. The big earthquake has struck catching you unprepared and off-guard. News Channel 3’s Nathan Baca puts this scenario in perspective as he attempts to “survive” a quake with what little he has provided for him. Watch a 24-hour stream of surviving on a quake kit on Tues. Long thought to be out of use, HAM radios are still operating to this day and they could be an important tool if a communications go out during a quake. Learn how they work and how it’s essential to survival in the days after the “big one.” Wed. Scientists have long thought that Southern California is overdue for the next big earthquake. The Valley appears to be the first to succumb to catastrophe in those quakes. So, what worst could happen to our area with a new fault found in Joshua Tree…next to a school! Thurs. The actual “Shake.” News Channel 3 will have wall-to-wall coverage as the scenario plays out all over Southern California. From emergency services to medical response to how schools handle the quake, KESQ will show you how each aspect of life deals with the temblors. Fri.News Channel 3 will recap the week and assess how the Southland came out in the exercise.

KESQ News Team


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