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Light Cigarettes Still Harmful, Stem Cell Research Shows

It’s known cigarettes can be hazardous to your health. The Surgeon General’s warning passes that warning on every cigarette pack, but many, smokers and non-smokers alike, believe light cigarettes aren’t as bad.

Scientists at UC Riverside say that’s wrong. Light cigarettes are bad. In fact, they’re the worst.

“It was about three to five times as dangerous using the statistics that we have,” said Dr. Prue Talbot, researcher at UC Riverside.

Scientists made this discovery by using stem cell research. They used embryonic stem cells from mice and exposed them to cigarette smoke.

The second-hand smoke from light cigarettes devastated the stem cells to the point the researchers almost couldn’t believe their own results.

“We were surprised, and, at first, we thought maybe there’s a little caveat in our research so I had to repeat the experiments over and over,” said graduate researcher Sabrina Lin.

Three different light cigarette brands flunked the smoke test every time. Now, here’s the mystery: the scientists don’t know why.

Dr. Talbot explained, “Ir was a surprise to us and we’ll have to do some more investigations to figure this out.”

With UC Riverside scientists expecting fewer federal restrictions, human embryonic cells will soon be used to pinpoint what chemicals make light cigarettes more harmful.

Until then, people smoking light cigarettes may pay a very heavy price.

KESQ News Team


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