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Website Measures, Ranks A High School’s Success

Most parents want their children to graduate high school and go to college. Now, there’s a website to track the success of high school students by how many do go on to college.

The new database displays all high schools within a selected county. Then, it shows the percentage of students from each school who go on to college in California.

“It’s good information to look at before enrolling your children in high school,” said parent Jennifer Van Horn.

When comparing all schools in the Valley, the database shows that Palm Desert High School has the highest amount of students who go on to college.

“It’s an overt, daily practice at all of our high schools,” says Kathleen Felci, Desert Sands Unified School District’s Assistant Superintendent of Education Services.

Palm Springs High School ranks near the top, but Desert Hot Springs High School finished last in the Valley. Many factors determine the rankings including teachers, opportunity, and demographics.

This could explain why one school scores higher than another.

“Seventy percent are living at or below poverty and another 30 percent are English-language learners,” says Felci.

To give students tools for success, schools in the Desert Sands Unified School District offer classes for college credit and counselors who help with college preparations. They also hold college fairs to stir up interest.

Parents also have responsibility and those who take their children’s future into their own hands will see positive results.

The database only accounts for students who go to California schools. It does not include those who go to out-of-state colleges, so the percentages could be a little off. For more information, and to find out how your child’s school ranked, go to

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