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After Yearlong Fundraising Drive, Boy Finally Receives New Arm

It’s been a long year since Luis Felix, 17, injured his left arm in a motorcycle crash in Mexico. During his hospital stay, the arm became infected and doctors had to amputate.

Luis moved to Thermal to live with his aunt and uncle.

His aunt and uncle said Luis became seriously depressed and withdrew from his friends and family over the loss of his arm.

That was when Ines Allen, who runs the International Medical Alliance in Rancho Mirage, stepped in.

She began a campaign to raise money for Luis. His story spread throughout the Coachella Valley and donations started pouring in.

Robert Openshaw, a prosthetist in San Bernardino who works with Allen and theIMA on their medical mission trips to Ecuador, volunteered his time and money.

Several weeks ago, he made a mold of Luis’ body then spent over 20 hours making a new arm for him.

Then, this past Monday was the big day for Luis– the day he would get his new arm. It was the day he was dreaming for.

Luis will finally feel like he used to before the crash.

It’ll take a little work, but Openshaw believes Luis will have learned how to fully function the arm and its moving fingers in about two weeks.

He will even soon be able to use a fork and knife.

Luis said he’s extremely happy. The new arm will help him with his studies and sports like basketball and soccer.

And he can help with a few things around the house.

People in the Coachella Valley donated more than $9,000 to help Luis get his new arm.

He says he’s extremely thankful to everyone.

KESQ News Team


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