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Economy Taking The Pluck Out Of Valentine’s Day

There’s one thing that love may not conquer this year, the economy.

“We’re seeing customers that are downsizing on their arrangements, trying to keep their budgets lower,” says Juana Cardenas with Floral and Hearty Florist in Palm Desert.

The faltering economy may have left people with less spending money this Valentine’s day, but it doesn’t mean stores are not busy with people planning on picking up that special something for their sweetheart.

The week before Valentine’s day is usually crunch time at Floral and Hearty’s. They’re still busy this time of the year, but the tough times are making it difficult for both businesses and their customers.

“We’re having a reduction on, as far as people ordering roses, they’re going with more standardized Valentine’s day arrangements with a mix of flowers which tend to cost less than the roses do,” says Cardenas.

At the Fudge and Chocolate store in Palm Springs, Rumi Haque says the recession isn’t stopping romantics from buying chocolates, but they are downsizing.

“They first ask that, ‘Is there any chocolate box less than $20?’ or ‘Is there anything I can buy for gift, for my friend, which could not be more than $8 or $10?'” Haque says.

A survey by the National Retail Federation found that people will spend nearly 20% less on Valentine’s day this year than last year. That’s a concern for store owners who say Valentine’s day is their biggest holiday of the year.

“What we did based on people’s needs and data, we just reduced the price and we put our product in the same range of pricing that people can afford,” Haque says.

All in all it’s the thought that counts.

“We do have that one holiday but I think we should all remember our loved ones throughout the whole year,” Cardenas says.

As for flowers, a rose on any other day would smell as sweet.

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