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Intimidation Or Information? Site Maps Prop 8 Supporters

If you donated money to support Proposition 8 last fall, there’s a good chance we know where you live. A new website puts Prop 8 supporters personal info on an internet map for everybody to see.

News Channel 3 went door-to-door to talk with Proposition 8 supporters to find out if they think this is political intimidation.

Voters approved Proposition 8 last November banning same-sex marriage, but the battle continues online. posts the addresses for nearly every Prop 8 supporter on an easy-to-read version of Google Maps.

We found Pauline Jackson who donated to Prop 8 at her home and asked, “It’s never been shown in this way before. Literally putting little dots on a map saying Pauline Jackson lives here. She donated a thousand dollars and she’s a homemaker according to this. All that information accurate, right?”

“Yeah. That’s kinda scary, isn’t it?” responded Jackson.

It doesn’t matter how much money people donated. Jane Bodine only gave $25.

“I’m not really scared, but I think it’s just intimidation, I sure don’t like that,” said Bodine.

We asked, “Do you think it might make you think twice about donating the next time?”

Bodine replied, “No, I’ll still donate. Because it’s something I believe in.”

Many people don’t realize when they donate to a political cause, there are few expectations for privacy. Some Prop 8 supporters still have strong emotions for those posting their home location on the internet.

“I feel sorry for them because they have anger in their hearts that they just can’t get rid of. We voted and put our money where we felt and we believe where it needed to go. And, they’re trying to tell us we don’t have the rights to believe the way we want or vote the way we want because it upsets they way they live,” said a man at the home of Joyce Preston, a nurse who donated $50 to Prop 8.

We asked a woman at the home of La Quinta resident Jef Saunders who donated $100, “It’s in a sense outing you in this sense. Does that scare you?”

The woman at the Saunders residence answered, “It doesn’t intimidate me. It frustrates me. It makes me sad. It doesn’t intimidate me.”

When asked what she thought of people who would post this, her response was, “I just think it’s sad. I think they just need to just focus on their cause, but not turn it against other people.”

To find out more about this controversial Prop 8 supporter map, log onto to

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