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Convenient Course Work: More Students Turn To Online Classes

PALM DESERT – As unemployment soars and the economy plummets, people are looking for ways to fit into the tightening job market. This leads many to virtual classrooms.

Online students hope a higher education will make them more marketable once the economy and job market recovers.

“When people aren’t able to make money outside, they are looking to increase skills,” said Kimberly Hartnett-Edwards with CSUSB Palm Desert. “I’ve got them coming out of the woodworks.”

Some online degree programs through California State University have double enrollment in the past year. Through these programs, students can complete their entire degree online.

The degrees are equivalent to an in-class degree. Course work and costs are identical, but, instead of commuting to campus, students log on.

“With work and a family, it’s easier to work on my own time,” online student Jessica Lazos attests to the classes success.

Cal State-San Bernardino offers several online degrees, most requiring one or two in-class lessons. Other colleges offer degree programs with no face-to-face meetings.

With the online degree programs, students can keep a full-time job and complete lessons on their own time, putting a successful future right at their fingertips.

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