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Actor Campaigning To Be Foremost Pres. Obama Impersonator

As “Hail to the Chief” fills the Palm Springs Air Museum hanger, people pause thinking President Obama entered the building. But presidential impersonator Reggie Brown is constantly in campaign mode as he tries to convince as many people as possible he is the best actor for the job.

“I’m from Chicago,” said Brown. “I had the training. I figured his voice was not too far off from mine. It was just going to be a little bit of practice.

“There were a few other guys out there attempting the impression. I thought I could do just as good, if not better. I started practicing, put a video on YouTube and it got a lot of attention. That’s how it all started.”

Brown even makes some Marines think for a second they are in the presence of their Commander-in-Chief.

“Very exciting. Very adrenaline rush,” said Cpl. Christopher White.

“I don’t have anything to say. I’m speechless,” commented Cpl. Mike Hernandez

Sgt. Matthew Johnston added, “All I have to say is it really got us off guard. He can’t freak me out like that. I really thought it was him at first.”

“I think he does a wonderful job. It’s uncanny when you look at him. Put a little meat on his bones and he’ll be a spitting image,” said Susan Gagnon who attended Friday night charity event featuring Brown..

Reggie Brown is a work in progress. His makeup artist now adds a touch of grey to his hair.

His “advisors” tell him not to slouch so much when speaking to a microphone. He’s got to stand tall, stand “presidential.”

Brown explained his respect for the President.

“He’s been a big role model of mine for a really long time. It’s just a way to combine my talents to honor him as President and as a man. It’s a lot of fun. Been having a good time with it.”

Brown has a role in the upcoming movie, “The Obama Effect,” and is booking TV appearances. But, for now, he uses his resemblence to convince people they can donate more to local charities.

To find out more about Reggie Brown, head to his website at

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