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Stimulus Bill To Help RV Motorhome Industry

The new stimulus bill has a provision in it that includes motorhomes, but the recreational vehicle business is still holding its breath.

Ken Oskey of B & K RV Sales in Indio says business has been slow for the past 18 months.

It got so bad, he says, that they had to change the way they did business.

“We used to be where we’d sell newer products but we got out of that because of the economy and our interest was high. We just decided to stay out of it and just sell consignments.”

According to the provisions of the new stimulus bill, if you buy a motorhome between now and December 31st, you will be able to deduct a portion, up to about $4,000 worth of the sales or excise taxes.

The stipulations are you must earn less than $125,000 a year individually or less than $250,000 a year jointly.

It would also ease credit and stimulate RV lending.

The new provisions do not include travel trailors or other towable RVs.

However,RV owners in the Valley say they’re optimistic about the new stimulus bill.

“It helps lower the prices of the motorhomes so then more of the average people could get back into them and update them,” said RV owner Craig Coale. “I think they’d travel more and we’d be busier here at the park.”

“It’s less expensive than living in a home or apartment in a lot of cases so that could actually work for the RV industry as a whole,” said another RV owner Karen Forino.

And as far as oskey is concerned, the new tax breaks may bring more people onto his lot, but the banks still have to lend out money.

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