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Sen. Boxer Assures Confidence In Stimulus During Valley Visit

U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s visit to a Coachella Valley food bank came well-timed as an economic stimulus bill from Washington and a state budget in Sacramento were both passed this week.

Senator Boxer toured the FIND Food Bank in Cathedral City Thursday. With unemployment on the rise, the senator said more families rely on organizations like FIND.

“We’re hurting. But it’s places like this that keep people together, keeps their hopes alive,” the Senator said.

The Senator said food storage programs like FIND will get the help they need from the economic stimulus bill, which President Obama signed on Tuesday.

Nearly $12 million in the plan will go to emergency purchases for California food banks. Food and supplies from FIND go out to 90 agencies throughout the Valley, helping people from Cabazon all the way to Blythe.

With five trucks out on the road making daily pickups from stores and growers, FIND is helping around 140,000 people a month, which is a more than 50 percent increase over the past couple of years.

CEO for FIND, Sam Hook, said the stimulus couldn’t have come ata better time.

“There’s less donations being made as corporations cut back on production. We get less food.”

Senator Boxer also touched on the new state budget past in the California Legislature Thursday.

She said the state’s share of the stimulus package is no longer in jeopardy due to the budget.

“When you’re deep in a hole, you have to start to come out of it. [The Legislature] took the first step. It doesn’t mean it’s all going to be fine, but this was a looming crisis and they averted it by doing the right thing.”

You can help the FIND Food Bank. Visit or call 760-775-3663 to find out how.

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