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Private Schools Cutting Tuition To Increase Enrollment

BERMUDA DUNES – In the weak economy, many families are cutting back on spending and tightening up their wallets. For many, this is squeezing out the option of a private school education.

At private schools around the nation, enrollment is declining forcing some schools to permanently close down.

Others are looking for ways to solve the problem of declining funds and students.

Christian Schools of the Desert cut tuition by three percent this year, hoping the lower fee will fit into shrinking budgets.

“That’s what makes a successful Christian school: when there is equal sacrifice,” said Dave Fulton, the founder of Christian Schools of the Desert. “The teachers sacrifice and the parents sacrifice.”

As another way to help families through these tough times, CSOD allows its students to rent textbooks instead of buying them. This saves students up to $700 a year.

“We want to send the message to parents that we care and we want them to be able to come to school here,” Fulton said.

A few other private schools in the valley decreased tuition for pre-school and pre-kindergarten. Others now offer additional scholarships and financial aid.

“This year, we have lent out more financial aid than ever before.”

Educators are doing what they can so the economy won’t cost the student’s a private school education.

“We want every parent who wants a Christian education to have it.”

KESQ News Team


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