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Rep. Bono Mack Talks Challenges In Economy, New White House

PALM SPRINGS – Back in November, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack celebrated another election victory sending her back to Washington for a sixth term.

As of late, though, it has been a tumultuous time on Capitol Hill as the American people worry about the future.

The economy is tanking. There’s been angry debate over bailouts and stimulus bills all while getting the feel of a new administration.

The Congresswoman admits it’s challenging.

“It is a difficult time and, with the transition itself, I think it’s a work in progress as far as relations between the White House and Congress and trying to get a new rhythm established.”

It isn’t easy.

Congressingwoman Bono Mack and the rest of the Republicans in the House stood united in opposition of President Barack Obama’s massive stimulus bill, which he signed last week.

“This stimulus bill was not all the government spending that’s going to take place this year,” she points out. “But much of the spending that’s not going to be done immediately to stimulate the economy should have been broken out and passed incrementally through the Congressional process rather than this big Christmas tree of cramming everything into this one bill.”

One of the programs crammed in: more money to help with the switch to digital television.

The Congresswoman says the government dropped the ball by delaying the switch until June.

“For two years we’ve prepared to flip the switch. It’s important to remember that a portion of that spectrum, the reason we did this, is to make sure some airwaves are freed up for emergency communications. By delaying this, it’s kicking the can down the road.”

Turning to the Golden State, the Congresswoman says California’s budget crisis was “a mess” and a case of economic irresponsibility.

She’s also supporting conservative and former eBay chief Meg Whitman in her bid for governor.

“I believe she would be a terrific governor. She has amazing business experience, knows how to run a big company, and negotiate some of the toughest agreements of anybody I’ve met.”

In the Desert, Congresswoman Bono Mack continues to push projects close to her, such as getting a control tower funded for the Palm Springs International Airport.

And she’s got bills wrapped up in a lands package including the expansion of wilderness areas and other landscape conservation programs.

“It’s a little bit different [in Southern California] than a member of Congress from Utah or Wyoming. Here, our open space is so precious.

“I’d like to protect and save some of it for future generations here. Luckily, my constituents have agreed and the majority of Congress has too.”

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