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La Quinta Man Sentenced To 25 Years To Life For Murdering Mom

Twenty-five to life. That’s the sentence Kevin Brom received for murdering his mother. Brom plead guilty, but he’s still not telling detectives where he hid her body.

Even Kevin’s father believes his son deserves the death penalty for murdering Terri Brom.

“What went wrong? What went wrong to a decent kid that didn’t do anything. He didn’t have any criminal history at all. He was a perfectly decent child, and then something terribly, terribly, went wrong,” said Tim Brom. “My opinion, He got off a little light. I believe in the death sentence.”

The prosecution says Brom plead guilty before admitting he used a gun to kill his mother. If the murder weapon was known before the guilty plea, Brom would have been sentenced to a mandatory 50 years in prison.

Deputy District Attorney Lisa DiMaria said, “In this case, even though on the record in court, he admitted to murdering her and dropping of her body. He did it over a disagreement about his girlfriend and the girlfriend’s daughter. He completely changed his story with the probation officer and in there said his mother wasn’t ‘seeing the lord’s way’ and that she drank everyday and she drank heavily and she drank hard liquor. So even in death, he is still not done destroying her. Aside from the fact that she will not get rest and the body will not get closure, he is trying to destroy what’s left of her memory, which is… I can’t even put into words how disgusted I am by this whole thing.”

Terri Brom was last seen at her La Quinta home on her way to work at Stater Bros. We first reported her missing early December. Even now, she remains missing. Her murderer, her own son, has not lead investigators to Terri Brom’s body.

Prosecutor DiMaria added, “He has allegedly made attempts to try to help law enforcement locate the body. In my opinion, it’s nothing more than leading them on a wild goose chase. None of the leads he has given has panned out to anything remotely close.”

To read the probation application form including Kevin Brom’s account of how his mother died and the prosecution’s rebuttal, click HERE.

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