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Second Grade Testing Too Costly And Stressful?

Schools throughout the state face the worst budget cuts in history, but California teachers say they have a way to save millions.

The California Teacher’s Association wants to eliminate state standardized tests for second grade students. They say the tests are too costly for our state and too stressful for our students.

“It’s more stress than we need to inflict on our students,” says Beverly Bricker, Palm Springs Teacher’s Association President.

Every year, California’s second graders spend hours taking tests required by the state. The scores are combined to show how well each school is doing. California schools are graded stricter than any others.

“Our students are facing the toughest standard and the highest measurement of proficiency in the nation with the least amount of funds,” says Bricker.

To test the state’s half-million second graders, it costs $2 to 4 million every year. The CTA says that money should be spent more wisely.

“Money like that could keep teachers in the classroom which is better than testing,” says Bricker.

This doesn’t mean all testing gets cut. School districts require routine tests, measuring student’s individual success.

“We still do short cycle assessments and benchmarks,” says Bricker. “We don’t need state tests to see how our students are doing. Our teachers already know.”

CTA members asks “why pay for what you already know?” Instead, cutting second grade testing would pay off for the students, schools and the state.

“It’s a win, win situation,” says Bricker. “This is one way to save money without impacting anyone negatively.”

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