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GOLDEN APPLE AWARD: Small Teacher Makes A Big Difference

MECCA – Every teacher works hard, dedicating themselves to their students; and every month, we honor a teacher with our Golden Apple Award. The May winner is Bianca Gonzalez from Mecca Elementary School.

Gonzalez has a special connection with her students. They share similar backgrounds with similar struggles and the same big dreams. The comparisons don’t end there. She’s also close in size.

“They always tell me I’m the same height as them and that I sometimes act like a little girl,” says Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says her childish, fun attitude helps her reach the students and make learning easier. English is a second language for her 4th graders, many of which moved to the United States from Mexico. Gonzalez made the same move in 5th grade.

She remembers struggling with English, but now that experience helps her relates to the students.

“They see themselves in me,” says Gonzalez.

Ms. Gonzales doesn’t only teach from a book. She also uses her life as a teaching tool.

“I want to show them if I was able to do it, they’ll be able to do it,” says Gonzalez.

Now, she’s in front of the classroom, and the kid inside helps her meet the students at their level. It’s what makes this small teacher stand head and shoulders above the rest.

“It makes a difference. Someone made a difference in my life and I want to do the same,” says Gonzalez.

If you’d like to nominate a teacher for a Golden Apple Award, click here.

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