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Palm Springs To Decide Fate Of Downtown Development

The city of Palm Springs has a decision to make, one that could change the look of downtown Palm Springs.

It’sa decision that’s seven years in the making between the city council and Wessman Development. Called the Specific Plan, it’s a list of building guidelines for potential condominums and hotel rooms. But Wessman wants to renovate the area with a retail center and a new street that would run through the Town and Country Center.

“They’re going to discuss among themselves the approaches that they want to take on a variety of the issues including the Desert Fashion Plaza remodel, as well as the question of the town and country center and the proposed road in that same area,” said Craig Ewing withPalm Springs city planning services.

One of the deciding factors for Wessman Development is whether they can have a street put in. It would startat the Palm Springs Art Museum and end at Indian Canyon. Michael Braun, a spokesman with Wessman Development, said the street would make an easier walkway for tourists going to the Spa Resort Casino and convention center. Another issue at hand is the architecture.

“We’ve identified in the Environmental Impact Report that the building has historical value and that the council could use that as a basis for saying, ‘Let’s preserve it.’ The council will discuss whether the road or the Town and Country Center are going to be on the site. So, it’s sort of one or the other,” said Ewing.

If the city council decides the street is not a possibility, then it’s back to the drawing board.

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