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Memorial Day Cookout Burns Shoppers

By: Elyse Miller News Channel 3 Reporter

PALM DESERT -Gas prices are up, so instead of burning up fuel people are staying close to home and cooking up a Memorial Day meal.

“With the economy doing so bad, it makes more sense to eat at home and save money,” says grocery shopper, Lori Birndorf.

However, saving is harder this year. Food inflation is the highest in almost two decades, thanks ,in part, to record oil and gas prices.

“Meat is up, vegetables, milk, everything,” says Birndorf.

When loading up on all of your favorite barbeque foods, from the hotdogs to potato chips and all the fixings, you’ll be left with a hefty bill. It will be about 6 percent more expensive than last year.

“It definitely seems prices are up since last summer,” says Mark Chappell, grocery shopper.

You’ll pay more for all the popular grilling foods this year.

A pound of beef is up about 4 cents. If you want cheese add another 15 cents, American cheese is up 15 cents per pound.

Hamburger buns jumped about 17 percent. Mayo is up 43 cents and the price of a bag of potato chips increased 41 cents.

Now, many consumers shop for sales and less expensive, store brands.

“They are all the same, I get the cheapest,” says shopper, Christine Wakcher.

“I always look for sales and deals. I also use coupons,” says Chappell.

Those coupons may become even more valuable, food prices are expected to continue climbing. Next year’s Memorial Day cookout might burn a hole in your wallet.

KESQ News Team


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