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DHS Police Arrest Two Suspects In 2006 Murder Case

DESERT HOT SPRINGS – Keith Kroeker revisits the field where he found Anastacio Torres’ body. He discovered the body while jogging with his dog on Mother’sDay morning in 2006.

“At first, it seemed like a transient had passed out and, then upon further inspection, which wasn’t that close, I noticed the mishap,” says Kroeker.

Years after the case had gone cold, Desert Hot Springs Police announced Mondaythey arrested the men accused of murdering Torres. Police arrested Concepcion Rodriguez, 33, without incident at his home off the 66000 block of 10th Street last week.

They also issued Mingus Chavarria, 31, an arrest warrant. Both are known gang members of Indio’s Jackson Terrace gang. Chavarria is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for a different crime. Both are now being held at the county jail in Indio.

Police say Rodriguez accused Torres of raping his girlfriend. The suspects confronted Torres at an old laundry room at his apartment complex. Thethree men left the building, whichwas the last time Torres was seen alive. Police say Rodriguez shot Torres twice in the chest before dumping his body in this field. Torres’ family members have left town since, but lead Detective Radamas Gil has kept his mother informed throughout the investigation.

“The lastthree mothers says I’ve received phone calls from Mrs. Torres asking me if we had any leads on her sons murder and that’s a pretty touching thing,” says Sgt. Gil. “As an investigator, I haven’t forgotten, of course, because of that.”

The arrests have Kroeker relieved.

“To me, that’s the greatest thing lift in my life to see that our law enforcement here doing what it can to help us citizens and I’m very happy about that,” says Kroeker.

The District Attorney’s Office can seek the death penalty in this case because the murder happened during the kidnapping. No word if they’ll pursue the death penalty.

Meanwhile, police still need helping finding other suspects in the case. Call Desert Hot Springs Police Department if you have any information.

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