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New Surgery Offers Less Painful Recovery For Knee Pain Suffers

INDIO – For anyone who has had knee problems or knee pain, they know it affects just about everything you do.

Now, there is a new and improved way to fix the problem. JFK Hospital in Indio offers the Conformis Knee Resurfacing surgery.

Don Samuelson injured his knee over a year ago playing golf.

“It just started bothering me during the round. I don’t recall any specific injury. I just thought I had strained the knee somehow,” Samuelson recalls.

Samuelson heard of the Conformis procedure from a friend, and, after attending a seminar on it, decided it was for him. The biggest selling point, he says, is the fact it has little recovery time compared to a total knee replacement. And he will soon be able to get back to doing the things he loves the most like sailboating and golfing.

Dr. Raj Sinha specializes in the knee resurfacing. He says, “Unlike total knee replacement, where you remove large bone and ligament and miniscus, we only remove what is damaged and whatever is normal is left behind. By doing that, the knee feels more like normal knee than total knee replacement.”

Samuelson’s surgery lasted just over and hour. Twenty-four hours later, he was walking again and feeling very little pain. He says he’s shocked by the results and can’t wait to get back on the links and is ready to give his dog, Buster, a nice long walk.

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