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Website Allows Students To Log Out Of Harassment

Bullying is something most people have experienced — thename calling, physical abuse and tormenting. Often students don’t report it, because they’re afraid of the repercussions. Now, there is a website helping students log out of the harrassment.

From the playground and classroom to the internet and cell phones, the bullying field is growing and becoming more vicious. The effects reach beyond the physical abuse. It strikes down confidence and self-worth, causing students to become depressed, skip school, drop out or worse.

“It is a fairly common occurrence for students to commit suicide because of bullying,” says Justin Bergener, creator of is breaking up harrassment, settling disagreements, and threats at schools around the nation.

“There are a lot of students and parents looking for somewhere to turn to and they’re not finding it at school,” says Bergener.

“A lot of kids are afraid to come forward, my daughter was,” says parent Tracey Martin.

Through the website, students, teachers, and counselors work through the problems anonymously.

“It’s an icebreaker for students to start talking about these things,” says Bergener.

Here’s how it works: go to and check if your school participates. If they’re not on the site, invite them.

Once the school is on, students login and select the nature of the report. Issues range from weapons, drugs and fights to cheating. Next, students can type in an anonymous message which goes directly to the school leaders.

“Based on wether it’s bullying or drugs, it can be routed to specific people in the school,” says Bergener.

As the site grows in popularity, creators are finding easier ways to end harrassment fast. Now, students can send anonymous text messages to contact help immediately.

“It’s an early warning when something is happening that is in violation of school policy,” says Bergener.

With a quick tip and fast action school leaders can stop fights, abuse, danger and potentially saves lives.

“I truly believe prevention is the key,” says Bergener.

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