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SunLine Transit Passenger Warns Bus Stop ‘Very Dangerous’

Timothy Whiting says SunLine bus drivers are creating a very dangerous and possibly deadly situation for some passengers.

Almost two years ago this month, Whiting fractured his right ankle after stepping off of a bus at the corner of Highway 111 and Van Fleet Street in Cathedral City.

Whiting says, “The bus driver said it was my fault.” He says the bus driver positioned the rear doors to open into a planter. Whiting says, “My concern is passenger safety the danger is still there.” It appears he’s right. We witnessed a bus driver stop in the exact same spot. The rear doors positioned right in front of the planter with unsettled sand, a power outlet, a sign post and a palm tree.

We asked the SunLine Transit Agency for an on camera interview on this issue, it declined but SunLine Transit Agency General Manager C. Mikel Oglesby gave us this e-mail statement: “We cannot comment on an incident that is in litigation. However, this issue has nothing to do with the actual bus stop. Since this incident, our bus operators have been re-trained to properly pull forward to clear any potential obstacle. Supervisors continue to monitor the bus stop location to ensure that operators are adhering to training guidelines.”

Whiting is currently in the middle of settlement negotiations with the Sunline Transit Agency. He says he’s going to reject its current offer saying, “Sunline Transit is a public agency, I’m getting no punitive damages, they need to be taught a lesson a lesson before it cost someone their life.”

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