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Hot Valley Sidewalks And Paved Roads Dangerous For Children

Local doctors warned about the dangers of hot sidewalks and asphalt paved roads on Thursday.

They warned kids playing outside barefoot can get second-degree burns within 30 seconds of contact with the hot pavement.

“The skin bubbles up and it peels off,” said Chief Emergency Room Doctor Dr. Frank Curry. “The darker surface the hotter it is it absorbs the heat and holds it in.”

He said he sees it a lot: children and even adults arrive at his E.R. with severe burns.

He said people with diabetes are especially prone to getting burned without even knowing it.

“The feeling is limited in their feet because of the disease and because of that their feet burn easy,” he said. “The temperature on the ground can be higher than the temperature in the air, it could be very dangerous.”

If you or your children are burned, use ice water and call your doctor right away.

KESQ News Team


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