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La Quinta Couple Face Drug Charges After Morning Raid

Two La Quinta residents face charges for selling drugs.

The Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force made the bust around 7am Friday on the 53-700 block of Avenida Vallejo.

Police say this is not related to the drug raids that happened Thursday in Desert Hot Springs.

Police detained the couple who tried to speak to their daughter as they were taken from the home.

?Babe,? said the woman. ?I’ll be ok. It’s just three pills that I got from somebody. Never took them. Should’ve threw them away. Then, we had weed in the house,? she said in front on News Channel 3 cameras.

In their driveway, we found remnants of what may have been a good time had by all: beer cans , beer bottles, broken glass. The suspects’ friends and relatives admit they have loud parties, but they surely don’t do drugs.

?That’s not true. That’s not true,? said one friend who wanted to stay anonymous. ?This woman does not do dope. That’s not true. None of them do dope here. These people have been here forever. These are good people. This is ridiculous.?

One neighbor who said she walks by the house many times was shocked to hear the news, too.

?They?re super nice people,? she said. ?Every time I walk by, they see me, and wave and whatever. Super nice. I never would’ve guessed it.?

The task force says this is an ongoing investigation. Further details will be released later.

In the meantime, the suspects’ family and friends are puzzled by the allegations. They say — this is a case of mistaken identity.

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