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Fitness Challenge Gives Residents Marine-Like Work-Out

Desert Crossfit Gym gave residents a chance to compare their fitness level to a marine.

Matt Inderwiesche is on his way to being a marine.

He and his fellow recruits have to stay in shape before basic training. So they took part in gym’s Marine Corps Challenge.

More than 50 people competed in three different exercises: dumbbell shoulder lifts, push-ups and stationary jumps. They had seven minutes to do as many repetitions as possible with the top 2 men, women and marines advancing to the finals.

Inderwiesche said it’s not much different than when trained for baseball.

“It’s pretty similar there’s just no balls involved and no bats so we just kinda do the same training. Maybe a little less running and no coaches barking down your back,” said Inderwiesche

The 7 minute challenge is actually a condensed version of a 45 minute Crossfit workout marines use to train. Desert Crossfit is the only official crossfit gym in valley. But you don’t have to be in marine-like shape to start.

“This program can be scaled to all fitness levels you don’t … You’re not expected to come in and be able to hang with the top dogs. But this program is completely applicable to anyone of any age,” said Cheryl Cohan, owner of Desert Crossfit Gym.

The event also aimed to generate new recruits like Inderwiesche.

And if they think this is hard, they’ll probably be in trouble come basic training.

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