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Local Group Plans To Protest Arizona’s Immigration Law

There’s word a ruling from a federal judge on Arizona’s controversial new illegal immigration law could come Wednesday morning. If she doesn’t stop it from going into effect, it’ll become law on Thursday.

Protests against the law are scheduled for around the country.

In Coachella, Comite Latino, a non-profit group plans to hold a rally at the intersection of Harrison Street and Avenue 50.

Since Coachella is a sanctuary city, one of more than 30 cities around the country that don’t enforce federal immigration laws, Comite Latino hopes undocumented immigrants won’t hesitate in participating in Thursday’s rally.

“With papers without papers same color as us, not same color different races,” said Armando Martinez, a Comite Latino Organizer. “Lets make an impact in this community and let our voices be heard.”

Arizona’s law calls for police who stop someone for another violation to question a person’s immigration status and report them to federal authorities if there’s reason to suspect that person is in the country illegally.

While there have been loud protests against the law, polls show the majority of Americans support it.

Thursday’s rally in Coachella is scheduled to start at 6 p.m.

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