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Coachella Police Make Nine Arrests In Massive Crime Sweep

Coachella police say they made several arrests, Friday morning, in a massive crime sweep involving many agencies.

The operation began at 6 a.m. in the area of Shady Lane, Calle Avila, Vista Del Norte and Wilma Jean Way, according to Coachella police Lt. Frank Taylor.

More than 40 officers were involved, according to the Coachella Police Department, which announced five arrests made while serving warrants for narcotics, weapons and stolen property.

Those arrested were: — Luis Guerrero, 30, on suspicion of methamphetamine possession;

— Angel Beltran, 31, on suspicion of possessing meth for sales;

— Augustine Gamboa, 26, on a felony narcotics warrant;

— Gabriella Mixemin, 21, on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sales;

— Leopoldo Escobar, 25, on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sales;

— David Soriano, 34, on a felony narcotics warrant;

— Hugh Morales, 56, on suspicion of possessing meth;

— Azalea Baltazar, 28, on suspicion of possessing an illegal assault rifle

— Salvador Perez, 32, for violating probation.

All were taken to the Riverside County Jail in Indio.

Police also conducted probation compliance checks on convicted felons at 40 different locations. Investigators said they found large amounts of narcotics and weapons.

In all, police say they found $3,300, a 22-caliber rifle and an AK-47.

The police checks were launched as part of “Operation Safe Coachella” early Friday.

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