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Riverside County Readies to Perform Gay Marriages

The Riverside County clerk says everything is in place should gay marriages resume next week.

On Thursday, the county was ready to issue licenses and perform ceremonies, until the judge’s ruling put that on hold.

Even though it’s still uncertain if marriages can happen next Thursday, the county is still taking appointments at their offices, including Indio.

But unlike back in 2008, don’t expect to see Palm Springs city leaders performing gay marriages.

The county clerk says he does not have plans right now to redeputize them.

“I think we have a little better sense of what’s going to happen this time. We have plenty of staff on board and will have out in the desert next week. But we’re also taking a wait and see. Sort of play it by ear,” said Larry Ward, the clerk-recorder for Riverside County.

Ward says two years ago, there was an initial rush from same-sex couples to get married — and then things quickly calmed down.

He believes it could play out the same way this time around. And that’s also the indication from Palm Springs city leaders.

“There’s been a few phone calls. It hasn’t been nearly as heavy as it was in that period of 2008, but a few people have inquired,” said Palm Springs City Clerk James Thompson.

“From what we can see, it’s going to be business as usual,” said Ward.

Of course, it may not even be an issue — if the ban holds up in an appeals court.

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