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Chilean Miners Found Alive

A total of 33 miners in Chile who have been trapped in a collapsed mine for more than two weeks have been found alive.

Rescue drilling efforts at the site reported hearing sounds deep from the mine earlier Sunday. They sent down a probe and received written confirmation that the men had survived. The miners are surviving in a shelter within the collapsed mine.

Relief and jubilation followed the news that the miners are safe. The Chilean president held a note written by one of the trapped miners saying, “All 33 of us are fine in the shelter.”

The miners have been trapped more that 2,200 feet underground since Aug. 5. A tunnel had collapsed, trapping them inside.

Officials said they believed there was only enough food and water to last 48 hours. Rescuers drilled repeatedly for over 17 days trying to reach the trapped miners.

Officials said the hole that connects the surface to the trapped miners is too small to haul the miners out. They are using the hole to supply the miners with food, water and fresh air. Sound and video equipment will also be sent down.

Rescuers say they may not be able to get the miners out until Christmas.

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