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Series of Fires In La Quinta Cove Under Investigation

Residents in the La Quinta Cove believe someone has intentionally set a string of fires in their neighborhood.

Fire officials are investigating ten fires in just the last three weeks that have mostly involved garbage cans and vegetation.

On August 4th, residents say someone set four fires involving trash bins and trees in front of homes.

The following week, there were more fires in the Yucatan Cove area.

“I said ‘oh man, this guy is serious. He came by a second time.’ That’s when I started alerting all the neighbors,” said Joe Maldonado, who says his tree was set on fire.

None of the fires did any serious damage. No one was hurt.

Investigators are calling the fires “suspicious”, but aren’t saying whether or not they are linked.

There is no word on any suspects.

But a home surveillance camera did catch someone trying to light a garbage can on fire.

Neighbors hope it can provide some clues.

“I’d have to say there’s much more of a neighborhood watch now. I think everyone’s aware of it. He’s got quite a bit of publicity over this, so everybody’s watching,” said Jim Charos, a La Quinta Cove resident.

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