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Rancho Mirage City Council Passes 45-Day Moratorium on Medical Marijuana

Collectives are at a stand-still after the Rancho Mirage City Council voted unanimously Thursday afternoon to impose a 45-day moratorium on medical marijuana collectives within city limits.

Rancho Mirage city attorney Steve Quintanilla said, “The moratorium should not be mistaken as a way to impose a ban or regulate the sale and cultivation.”

There are currently three collectives operating in Rancho Mirage. It’s unclear if they’ll shut down. According to the vote they’ll be required to by law.

Jeff Lake who represents Desert Heart Collective, said, “I’m concerned but optimistic that they’ll take the right steps to enact legislation that will be effective and allows patients safe access to medical marijuana.”

Palm Springs is the only city in the Coachella Valley to tackle the regulation of medical marijuana. Just recently it permitted three co-ops.

California law allows collectives and the sale of medical marijuana. Federal law does not, but U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said his office won’t prosecute medical marijuana patients or collectives.

Rancho Mirage city leaders, the planning department, city manager and city attorney will put together a proposal for the City Council to vote on.

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