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Riverside County Reaches Overseas For More Business

Riverside County’s campaign to reel in more overseas business will include an advertisement next month in The Washington Diplomat, a newspaper read by foreign service officials from around the world.

“It is the first targeted ad (the) Economic Development Agency has used to specifically reach international leaders to promote the county of Riverside as a destination for international business,” said county Foreign Trade Commissioner Tom Freeman.

The $2,500 advertisement boasts the county’s three tax-advantaged foreign trade zones, 1,300 manufacturing facilities and 1,200 farming operations.

There are also photographs of the summer’s bilateral trade signing ceremonies involving officials from Croatia and Japan.

The latter is conducting a joint study with the county and UC Riverside to identify the region’s future prospects for foreign direct investment, while Croatia and the county have agreed to promote each other’s products and tourism industries.

The county’s export-related activity is valued at more than $2.5 billion annually, according to the Office of Foreign Trade.

Recent efforts to raise the county’s international profile have included a partnership with the U.S. Export-Import Bank to facilitate loans to prospective exporters and foreign investors, as well as highlighting Riverside County as a destination for EB-5 “green card” recipients.

Under the program, millionaire foreign nationals willing to commit the funds necessary to start a business, expand an existing one or revive an ailing one can receive fast-track status to permanent residency.

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