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Parents Focus on Cyber Bully Safety After Teen Arrested For Making Internet Threats

News Channel 3 learned new information surrounding a game played by some La Quinta High School students last year that had racial undertones.

On Tuesday the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they arrested 18 year old Andrue Purdy of Indio for making internet threats against a female La Quinta High School student.

According to the sheriff’s department, a week after The Desert Sands Unified School District shut down a game earlier this year called “Beat the Jew”. The game was organized on Facebook and played off-campus by some of their students. The victim complained that she was being threatened online for reporting the game to school officials.

Four months later, detectives served a search warrant at Purdy’s home on Half Moon Court in Indio. Several items were seized as evidence.

Parents like DeeDee Kaliswaart are warning their children, she said, “People get a lot more bold on the internet, they get more courage because they are not face to face. More pain can be inflicted.” i-Safe Inc. reports in a survey of 1,500 students, 42% of kids have been bullied while online. 1 in 4 have had it happen more than once. The survey goes on to report, 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than 4 out of 10 say it has happened more than once.

The experts at i-Safe Inc. have these safety tips for parents and children.

1. Tell a trusted adult about the bullying, and keep telling until the adult takes action. 2. Don?t open or read messages by cyber bullies. 3. Tell your school if it is school related. Schools have a bullying solution in place. 4. Don?t erase the messages?they may be needed to take action. 5. Protect yourself?never agree to meet with the person or with anyone you meet online. 6. If bullied through chat or instant messaging, the ?bully? can often be blocked. 7. If you are threatened with harm, inform the local police.

Purdy was released on Wednesday on a $25,000 bail. His next court date is is being held in the Riverside county Jail in Indio awaiting arraignment.

For more tips on protecting your teenager from online bullying, click here.

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