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Riverside County To Review Remapping Districts Based On Census

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors agreed today to form a committee to look at redistricting plans based on the 2010 census.

The Redistricting Steering Committee will be composed of the county assessor, the chiefs of staff from each of the supervisorial offices and Executive Office officials.

Chairman Marion Ashley will be a “liaison” between the board and the committee.

A Redistricting Technical Working Group, established in August, has already proposed an outline for how the process of redefining the five supervisorial districts should occur.

Between November and March, the county will consider what redistricting software to purchase and have training sessions for support staff. An update on preliminary decennial census data will also be provided to the board around that time.

In March and April, a series of workshops will be set up to solicit public input on redistricting plans. Between April and July, the various proposals would be drafted, and a “preferred redistricting plan” will be selected by the Redistricting Steering Committee by August.

The board will hold public hearings on the final proposal and review requests for modification that month, as well.

The costs of the committee’s work are not yet known.

The districts’ boundaries were last adjusted following the 2000 census.

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