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Child Protective Services Worker Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault Of Teen

A former worker with the Riverside County Department of Child Protective Services pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges that he raped a teenage boy he was supervising.

Sean Lamont Birdsong, 38, of Riverside was charged with false imprisonment, sexual assault with the intent to commit rape or sodomy, lewd acts with a child, and felony child endangerment.

Birdsong was arrested in September of 2009, but the case was delayed after the teen victim told the court that Birdsong called him, and made veiled threats. As a result, Birdsong’s bail was increased to $250,000, and remained behind bars.

According to the district attorney’s office, the then-15-year-old victim told a detective that Birdsong had placed him in a foster home in Rubidoux, but then Birdsong called the boy to tell him that he had found a better placement home.

Birdsong instructed the boy to sneak out of the foster home and meet him down the street, which he did. Birdsong was waiting in his Riverside County van and picked him up. Birdsong drove to a liquor store where he purchased a bottle of Bacardi 151, then headed to his Palm Avenue apartment.

At the apartment, Birdsong insisted the boy drink some Bacardi and Coke, but the victim refused. Birdsong then told the boy he had a gun and he had better drink with him. The victim, fearing for his life, began drinking the alcohol.

The victim told police Birdsong touched him sexually and then backed him up against a wall and continued to sexually assault him. The teen said he was scared and told Birdsong he needed to go outside for a cigarette. Once outside, the victim told a woman in the apartment complex he needed help and police were called.

Birdsong was sentenced to five years in prison.

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