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Doctor Highlighted In Controversial Time Magazine Talks

Dr. William Sears talked about his initial reaction to the Time Magazine cover that did more than just turn a few heads.

“I was shocked initially, but the more I looked at it, I realized they were smart because it got parents’ attention,” Dr. William Sears said. The article highlights him and his school of thought, attachment parenting, which he preached at a family education seminar in Palm Desert Saturday.

“The World Health Organization recommends mothers breast feed for at least two to three years,” Sears said.

Parents gathered at the Polluck Theater at College of the Desert to hear from the doctor they say shapes the way they raise their children.

“He sleeps in the bed with us,” mom Shawn Gardner said. “I wear a sling a lot. So, when I’m doing dishes, he’s in a baby carrier. I’m not wearing it now, but he’s always with us.”

“My sixteen-year-old, I breast fed for three years. My eight-year-old son, I breast fed for three years and nine months,” mom Kayellen Lascheck said.

According to Dr. Sears, moms can’t get close enough to their kids. Not everyone agrees with that, though, causing the magazine’s article to go viral.

Sears stands behind his theory of incessant physical contact with your child.

“The word extreme on the Time cover is really only extreme in our culture. In my forty years in pediatric practice, the healthiest, smartest, and happiest children I have seen are those who are not weaned before their time,” he said.

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