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Cathedral City Considering Police And Fire Department Layoffs

Cathedral City’s $8 millionbudget deficit could mean cuts across the board, including fire and police personnel.
Both departments are facing layoffs for the next fiscal year that begins July 1.
The police department is bracing to take the brunt of it.
The city is looking at laying off nearly a quarter of of its police department employees, 34 in all,including 15 of its sworn officers.
The move would save the city about $3.5 million dollars.
Even with less officers on the street,the police department says it will try to maintain its current level of service.
“911 calls, emergency calls for service. We will always drop whatever we’re doing no matter what it is and respond to those,” said Lt. Chuck Robinson. “While there may be an increase in response times, I don’t believe they’ll be so drastic that those types of calls will be effected negatively.”

The fire departmentisfacing 16 layoffs,14 being sworn firefighters.
18 people who work at city hall could also lose their jobs.
The total number of city wide layoffs could change, for better or worse, by the time the city council votes on the budget late next month.

KESQ News Team


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